Wiener Schnitzel Recipe

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Wiener Schnitzel

From Dorothy McNett's recipes at Wiener Schnitzel is Vienna's most famous meat dish. The proper cooked color and texture of the schnitzel is very important and the color should be a light golden brown. "Some Breughel paintings and Stradivari violins have the perfect schnitzel color." Lard and/or clarified butter is the preferred cooking fat and it should be hot enough to leave the schnitzel with a crispy crust that is not dripping with fat. And, it must be served at once, so have the salad and potatoes ready to serve!

4 veal cutlets, about 4 or 5 oz. each
1/4 cup all purpose unbleached flour
1/4 teaspoon sea salt
1/2 cup dry bread crumbs
2 eggs
lard or clarified butter, or oil as desired
lemon slices for serving

Using a meat pounder, (or an empty wine bottle) gently pound the veal cutlets without tearing them into about 1/4 inch thickness. Using 3 flat dishes, get everything organized by putting the flour and salt in one, the bread crumbs into another. Whisk the eggs very well to break up the egg yolks and put them into the remaining dish. In a heavy bottomed fry pan big enough to hold one or two of the schnitzels without them touching, heat enough lard or clarified butter or oil to make a depth of about 1/2 inch or less. The recommended temperature for the hot fat is 350 degrees, using a deep fat thermometer if you have one. Working quickly and one at a time, dredge cutlets in flour until the surface is totally covered and dry. Dip into the egg to coat, and then quickly roll it into the breadcrumbs until coated but do not press them into the meat. Fry immediately in the hot fat, doing 1-2 at a time so that they do not touch each other. It takes about 3 minutes on the first side. Using a silicone spatula, check to see that they are not sticking to the bottom of the pan. Gently wiggle them around a bit if they appear to be sticking but do not break into the crust. Turn them over and cook until both sides are a beautiful golden brown. Remove from pan and place on a plate. Quickly repeat with any remaining cutlets. Serve with lemon slices to squeeze the juice over the cutlets.

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