Grilled Cheese Sandwiches...... Recipe

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Grilled Cheese Sandwiches......

From Dorothy McNett's recipes at Choose any kind of bread, any kind of cheese, use combinations, and on and on! It is endless.

bread slices
cheese slices (Extra Sharp Cheddar, Le Gruyere, Apple Smoked Swiss Cheese, Manchego 3 months, and also Manchego 6 months, Halloumi)
extra virgin olive oil or other oils, or fig jam, quince paste, etc.
soft unsalted butter

avocado slices, tomato slices, pickles, greens, salami slices, and on and on as you desire

Spread a little extra virgin olive oil on one side of both slices of bread (to be the inside of the sandwich) and place your choice of sliced cheese on and assemble the sandwich. OR, spread with fig jam or other jams such as tomato, etc. Now lightly spread the outsides of the sandwich with unsalted soft butter. Heat a heavy bottomed skillet or frypan, or a stove top grill pan over medium high heat. When nice and hot, place the sandwich on and cook until browned on both sides. Some cheeses will melt faster and more than others. That is what makes each sandwich extra special! When done, serve with sliced fresh tomatoes, greens, etc.

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