Scalloped Tomatoes and Fennel Recipe

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Scalloped Tomatoes and Fennel

From Dorothy McNett's recipes at Thomas Jefferson loved tomatoes, and one variety that he grew and loved was the Spanish tomato, much like our Beefsteak Tomatoes. This recipe is very easy, and you get to decide how many tomatoes and what size baking dish! Regarding fennel, here is his quote "The fennel is beyond every other vegetable, delicious. It greatly resembles in appearance the largest size celery, perfectly white, and there is no vegetable equals it in flavour. It is eaten at dessert, crude, and with, or without dry salt, indeed I prefer it to every other vegetable, or to any fruit."

1-2 fennel bulbs
2 or more firm red ripe large tomatoes
2 or more slices of bread, finely chopped (or bread crumbs)
salt and pepper
dollops of unsalted butter
Parmesan cheese for garnish

Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Choose a glass or ceramic baking dish that will hold the amount of fennel and tomatoes you are preparing. Slice the fennel into thin pieces and arrange in the baking dish, reserving the fronds. Slice each tomato and arrange a layer over the fennel. Sprinkle on a layer of bread crumbs, some salt and pepper and a few dollops of butter. Repeat with a second layer of tomatoes. Bake about 25 - 30 minutes, or until "done". Sprinkle with cheese and the reserved fennel fronds and serve.

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