Manchego Grilled Bread Bits with Chorizo Recipe

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Manchego Grilled Bread Bits with Chorizo

From Dorothy McNett's recipes at A Spanish version of a wonderful grilled cheese sandwich cut up into bite sized pieces for a great appetizer or small bites platter.

For one sandwich: (double or triple as desired...)
2 slices sandwich style bread, whole wheat or white
2- 3 tablespoons quince paste
thin slices of Manchego cheese, or grated
1 - 2 teaspoons soft unsalted butter
smoked Spanish paprika
lettuce leaves, radishes, etc. as desired for serving and nibbling
Spanish chorizo, or other salami etc. as desired

Make a sandwich by spreading both slices of bread with some of the quince paste and arrange the cheese slices over and then put one slice of bread on top. Spread both sides of the sandwich with the soft butter and sprinkle with a little smoked paprika. Heat a grill pan or skillet and when nice and hot, quickly grill each side of the sandwich to brown and get a bit crispy. Remove to cutting board and slice into serving sized portions. Serve with lettuce and sliced Chorizo.

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