Appetizer Slip Slidders Recipe

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Appetizer Slip Slidders

From Dorothy McNett's recipes at Slip and slide any tasty fruit or vegetable slices into this!

fresh tender spinach, lettuce, etc. leaves for wrapping
room temperature brie cheese
thinly sllced or diced fresh tomatoes
soft pear slices, etc.
diced herbs (fresh or dried)
diced salami or other cooked meats, etc.
drizzles of olive oil, etc., as needed or desired

Spread the leaves with the soft brie and then add some diced tomates, pears, herbs, salami and etc. Wrap and roll to make finger food appetizers and arrange on serving platter. Drizzle with a few drops of olive oil, or other flavorful dips, sauces, etc. Serve!

Recipe created 2017-01-21.

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