Billy Pinkerton 's Chicago Hotdog Recipe

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Billy Pinkerton 's Chicago Hotdog

From Dorothy McNett's recipes at A beef hot dog Cbicago style, a Sherlock Holmes request!

beef hot dogs (Fork In The Road Honest Dogs...uncured beef hot dogs)
whole wheat or poppy seed hot dog buns
yellow mustard
diced white onion
green sweet pickle relish
dill pickle spears
tomato slices, or wedges
red chili pepper, finely diced, or sprinkles of dried chili pepper/powder
celery salt or celery seeds

Heat the hot dogs in microwave, using about 1 minute per hot dog. Or heat in skillet. Spread mustard generously on the inside of the buns. Place the hot dog on the bun and then add some diced onion, some pickle relish, a dill pickle spear, some tomato slices, a bit of red chili pepper and a sprinkle of celery salt or celery seeds. Put the top of the bun over all and eat and enjoy!

Recipe created 2017-01-24.

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