Northern New Jersey Sloppy Joe Sandwich Recipe

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Northern New Jersey Sloppy Joe Sandwich

From Dorothy McNett's recipes at The original Sloppy Joe Sandwich birthplace was in 1935 in South Orange, New Jersey. Here is a version of one! Large, messy, delicious and fun to eat! Have lots of napkins handy!

thin slices of rye bread, using 3 slices per sandwich
thin slices of ham or other smoked and cured meats, and a variety if desired
thin slices of Swiss cheese
coleslaw with Russian Dressing

If the bread has thick crusts, remove them. The bread needs to be thinly sliced. Place a bread slice on a plate, arrange thin slices of ham or other meats or a combo on top. Pile generously with the ready made Coleslaw with Russian Dressing and top this with a slice of Swiss cheese, and then another slice of bread, ham slice, generous pile of coleslaw, cheese and then top with another slice of bread and lightly spread the top of it with some of the Russian Dressing. Serve! It is also helpful to cut the sandwich into pieces but it can be messy and fall apart a bit but eat it anyway!!

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