Quick and Easy Vegetables Recipe

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Quick and Easy Vegetables

From Dorothy McNett's recipes at www.dorothymcnett.com. No need to have a recipe for this, just gather up some fresh vegetables, cut and dice and stir fry!

fresh vegetables of any color, size, shape, flavor, etc!
1 - 2 fresh apples if available
2 - 3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil,or other oil or butter as desired
salt, pepper, fresh or dried herbs.....

Wash and trim veggies and apples and cut or dice into desired shapes, all about the same size and shape. Heat a heavy bottomed skillet or stir-fry pan over medium high heat, adding the oil or butter and then toss in the vegetables and the apple pieces. Cook and stir several minutes to desired doneness. Some like them real crispy, others like them soft and tender so regulate the cooking time as desired. Stir in salt, pepper and any fresh or dried herbs. Serve!!

Recipe created 2019-09-30.

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