Pasta Dough Recipe

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Pasta Dough

From Dorothy McNett's recipes at This is easiest when made in a food processor, but of course can be hand kneaded to perfection as well. Makes about 12 - 16 oz. pasta.

2 1/4 cups all-purpose unbleached flour
3 large eggs
1 teaspoon olive oil, perhaps a bit more

In food processor with the steel chopping blade in place combine flour and eggs. Add oil, and pulse until mixture looks like it wants to form a ball. Keep blending in processor for about 30-60 seconds to knead. Remove and shape into a ball, using just enough extra flour to make it manageable. Using a metal spatula, cut the ball of pasta dough into 3 or 4 pieces of more or less equal size. Set the pasta machine rollers on their widest setting. Flour one piece of dough lightly and feed it through the rollers. Fold the dough strip into thirds to make a square, then feed it through the machine rollers again, dusting with flour if the dough sticks. Repeat this folding and rolling process 7-10 times to knead the dough, until it is smooth and elastic. Tighten the rollers one notch and feed the dough through them. Continue tightening the rollers one notch each time, ending with the narrowest setting, or as thick or thin as desired. Lightly dust the dough and machine with flour if necessary so that it does not stick. Cut as desired, using the pasta machine attachments or a pasta wheel or knife.
If not using a pasta machine, after shaping and dividing the dough into portions, roll out on a lightly floured surface with a rolling pin to desired thickness. (not too thick or the pasta will seem "tough" to the bite) Cut with a pastry wheel or knife into desired shapes.

Recipe created 1994-09-19.

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