Roast Wild Duck Recipe

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Roast Wild Duck

by locals Jon and Jerry Stuefloten for a special cooking class featuring wild game

2 large wild ducks
Garlic salt
Lemon pepper
Triple sec
Apricot jam

Clean, wash, and pat dry the ducks. I like to remove the backbone for sure and easy cleaning. Do this with poultry shears or sharp boning knife. Lightly salt the inside cavity. Place breast side up in a shallow metal roasting pan. Do not use glass or enamel pans. Preheat a clean oven to 550 degrees. Be sure your oven is clean! Some ovens may have 500 degrees as their maximum setting. This will work. Sprinkle ducks with the garlic salt and the lemon pepper. Place in the hot oven and roast for only 19 minutes. No need to open the oven door for basting or looking. Ready the glaze by mixing small amounts in equal portions of the Triple Sec, jam, and brandy. You will need only about 1 tablespoon per duck. After the roasting, remove ducks, and while the ducks are still in the pan, apply the glaze. Return the ducks to the hot oven for 1 minute additional roasting to set the glaze. Remove ducks and serve. The ducks will be nicely browned and the meat juicy and on the rare side of being done. They will be tender, moist, and very delicious.

Recipe created 1996-11-17.

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