Pairing Wine with Foods Recipe

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Pairing Wine with Foods

From Dorothy McNett's Recipe Book at

Wine was made to drink with food. Food will change the flavors of wine by enhancing or subduing different elements. No matter what, enjoy your wine and food, but try to develop those amazing taste buds so that it will be more fun and interesting to eat and drink. There are four taste elements in your taste buds, so hold a sip of wine in your mouth for a few moments, allowing those receptors to do their work. You should experience first sweet, then sour and salt, and finishing with bitterness. It is fun to read labels to find the perfect wine to enhance your perfect dinner. Let the tasting begin...

For cheeses, which is always a great holiday theme, use these suggestions as guidelines.

SAUVIGNON BLANC Has flavor associations of grass, bell pepper, asparagus, pear, pea, celery, smoke, green olive, citrus
Is great matched with vegetables, oysters, fish, veal, pork, fish soups, cheese and cheese fondue, quiche, pasta, and seafood salads, French Emmenthal, English Nutwood, Cotswald, brie, and smoked cheeses.

GEWURZTRAMINER Has flavor associations of ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon, grapefruit, green apple, clover
Is great matched with creamy cheeses, like brie and apples, fontina, munster, St. Andre

PINOT NOIR Has flavor associations of cherry, cigar box, cedar, licorice, toast, wild strawberry,violets
Is great with complex seafood dishes, light beef, pheasant, meat loaf, veal, pork roast, fondue, coq au vin and sharp cheeses such as Scottish cheddar, Stilton, Royal Windsor, Huntsman

CABERNET SAUVIGNON Has flavor associations of pepper, bell pepper, green olives, cherry, plum, mint, currant, tea, chocolate, herbs
Is great served with beef, lamb, game, barbecued meat, spicy sauces, goose, game birds, ribs, robust cheeses such as Roquefort or Stilton

MERLOT Is much like cabernet sauvignon and is very popular.
It is especially great with Stilton, Point Reyes Blue, or Gorgonzola and served with crispy crackers.

PORT Has flavor associations of raisins, clove, pepper, coffee, wood, and spice. It is a sweet and rich wine, fabulous as dessert with Stilton, Nutwood, Roquefort, Petit Basque cheeses

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