Beginning Cake Decorating Recipe

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Beginning Cake Decorating

Advanced registration required as this is a hands-on class. Please bring the following items with you. You can purchase most of the supplies here with the 10% discount anytime after registering. It is helpful to purchase these items in advance to save time during the lesson.

Please bring the following items with you to class:

1 baked and cooled 9 or 10 inch layer cake, or 9 by 13 inch oblong cake (you can use any favorite butter cake recipe, or use a good quality fresh cake mix...check the date on the box.)

1 cake board or very flat cake plate for transporting the cake and for use in decorating the cake

1 cake decorating set (We suggest our beginner's set because it has the bag, the tips, the coupler, rose nail, and more. Regular price is $23.99 but for this class, it is on special for $18.)

1-2 cake decorating spatulas

natural boar bristle pastry brush

2-3 paste cake decorating colors (for the 2nd class)

apron to wear as this can get messy

1 recipe of Standard Cake Decorating Icing (This must be made at least 1 day in advance and refrigerated until leaving for the class)

This recipe is the best for shaping and molding flowers, which is what you will learn how to do in this class series. In the second class, we will discuss other frostings made with real butter, cream, and etc. They are more difficult to work with in a pastry bag for beginners, so we begin with the Crisco recipe. Once you have the hang of it, you will have fun exploring other recipes for icings.

The cake you bring goes home with you.

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