Mediterranean Nut Encrusted Pan Seared Fish with Hemp Seeds Recipe

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Mediterranean Nut Encrusted Pan Seared Fish with Hemp Seeds

From Dorothy McNett's recipes at Hemp seeds are once again in fashion! They add even more protein to this fish dish, along with an attractive garnished effect. Great with tuna, etc.

fillets or steaks of salmon, sea bass, or other fresh fish in season
hemp seed oil, sesame oil or olive oil, about 1 teaspoon total for 1 steak
2 tablespoons very finely ground walnuts or other nuts
snipped fresh cilantro
slivered green onions
sea salt and pepper, pinches of each or to your taste
1/4 teaspoon fresh or dried oregano, or basil, or dill...
about 1/8 teaspoon paprika per serving

2-3 tablespoons sherry or other wine, if desired
1 teaspoon hemp seeds per serving

Brush the fish with oil and gently pat on the ground nuts. Season with cilantro, green onions, salt, pepper, snipped herbs and paprika. Heat a heavy bottomed fry pan or griddle and add just a drizzle of oil. Pan grill the fish until fish flakes easily, do not over-cook, adding a bit more oil if necessary. This usually takes about 2-3 minutes on each side, but depends upon the thickness of the steak, of course. Do not let it cook on too high of heat, just so that it is gently sizzling. It is done when it flakes easily when you twist a fork into the flesh. Arrange on plate. In hot pan add the sherry and heat just 20-30 seconds, stirring to make a drizzling sauce. Pour over the fish. Sprinkle with the hemp seeds and serve.

Recipe created 1997-01-27.

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