Scallop Pupus Appetizers Recipe

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Scallop Pupus Appetizers

From Dorothy McNett's recipes at

12 or so fresh scallops or shelled and deveined prawns
1 teaspoon peanut or olive oil
1 jar (15 oz.) kimchi ( I use regular, try hot if you wish)
1 - 2 chopped green onions

Wash and drain scallops, put in a bowl. Drizzle a little of the kimchi juice over them. Heat a fry pan or wok over medium heat, adding 1 teaspoon oil. Add the scallops and cook and stir until done, about 1 - 2 minutes depending on the sizes and quanity. Stir in the remaining kimchi and green onions and heat about 1 minute. Serve as an appetizer along with some crackers or Hawaiian style rolls, etc.

Recipe created 1997-01-27.

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