Melon Sorbet Recipe

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Melon Sorbet

From Dorothy McNett's recipes at Use any kind of melon that you happen to have on hand! The amount of honey can be adjusted depending on the sweetness of the melon, etc.

1 ripe cantaloupe
1/3 cup honey
melon slices, for garnish
mint leaves, for garnish

Remove seeds from melon and remove the melon flesh. Process the melon and honey in food processor with steel chopping blade in place until melon is smooth but do not over process or it may get too frothy. If using an ice cream maker, freeze according to the manufacturer's directions. For another version, not quite so smooth in texture as being churned, but equally delicious is to pour the mixture into standard ice cube trays and freeze. Serve in chunks, or whirl it up quickly in food processor and serve. Either way, this is a very tasty and refreshing sorbet to serve between courses of a big meal, or to serve as a dessert on a hot summer day!

Recipe created 1997-07-07.

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