Pairing Wine and Cheese Party/Class Recipe

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Pairing Wine and Cheese Party/Class

1. A triple creme Brie from France simply served with slices of good quality French bread, a wedge of Spanish Manchego, clusters of seedless grapes, pear slices, and San Benito County dried apricots. Dry Riesling, Chardonnay...

2. Now we smell and taste Raclette, a fabulous old-world cheese which is melted and served with cooked tiny potatoes, cornichons or caperberries, and slices of French bread or Partners crackers. Our wines for this unusual treat are both from Guglielmo, a 1995 Private Reserve California Sangiovese and a 1996 Private Reserve Chardonnay.

3. Still hungry? Then try our wonderful grilled smoked Chicken Apple Sausages from Napa Valley. We drizzle the sausage slices with a little of our Hot Chili Honey from New Mexico. The cheese choice is Leydenkaase, a fabulous Dutch Gouda with cumin seeds. We need wines to match the spicy quality of this course, so tonight we get to experience Mirassou's Family Selection Gamay Beaujolais and Guglielmo's 1995 Private Reserve Grignolino.

4. Go Blue Cheese and Big Red! Sounds like a collegiate football cheer, but we find the combination of our King of Blues, Stilton from England served elegantly with freshly sliced Bosc pears and San Benito County walnut halves is just about perfect with Mirassou's Petite Sirah or for a really big red, Mirassou's Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon. In addition to the Stilton cheese, taste a little of our Roquefort with this. Want something a little richer but still blue? Try our Italian Gorgonzola Cheese Torta. Spread a little on a walnut half or on a slice of pear. Then savor the cab.

5. Some like the taste of red wines with a little dark chocolate, so if you are willing, give it a try with our exclusive dark chocolates from IsaBella's of Hollister. You may also wish to endulge in one of our Italian chocolates.

6. With coffee we feature the fabulous Pandoro, an Italian cake which can be eaten out of the hand and dipped into a sweet dessert wine or into your coffee, or both for that matter. From Gugliemo Winery we will pour you a taste of Emile's Premium Port.

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